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After-school Craft Ideas

For some parents, the hours between school letting out and dinnertime can be very hectic. If your kids aren’t old enough to have homework yet or you are having a hard time combating their boredom, it may be time to come up with a few quick after-school activities.

Read on for some easy suggestions on how to entertain your little ones!

Origami Animals
Create a zoo full of playful pets with simple paper and pencils. Research online instructions for paper folding, and help your children create unique creatures. By practicing the same animal over and over, your child can master this ancient and traditional technique.

Dress Up Decorating
Simple items like sunglasses and bracelets can be dressed up in a unique fashion with sequins, confetti, or even small seashells. Plain white sneakers can be decorated with fabric paint. Your child will enjoy wearing their new fancy accessories and the opportunity to express their individuality with this fun task.

From bracelets to barrettes, buttons can be strung together to create unique and colorful jewelry. Children will enjoy selecting from a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Help them with fasteners or glue and create instant accessories for every outfit!

Plant a Mini Garden
Create a mini garden in an empty egg container. Plant seeds according to package directions in each little cup. Your child can spend time watering their plants every day after school. Make sure that it sits on a sunny windowsill and enjoy watching the sprouts grow!

There are a number of fast and convenient projects that can keep your kids busy when rain keeps you indoors or even if the sun is shining. Let them loose on a challenging craft and see what happens!



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