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Activities for the Whole Family

When the weekend finally rolls around, many parents find it hard to fill these hours in ways that are entertaining for both kids and adults alike. Get creative and enjoy bonding with your young ones while making memories that will last a lifetime with these fun ideas.

Get Artsy
It’s important for young children to learn how to express themselves in creative ways. Whether you decide to pull out paints, clay, crayons, or other fun materials, don’t be afraid to make a mess. Cover the kitchen table or living room floor, and let loose with your kids.

Whether it’s something as simple as taking a walk through the neighborhood or a more involved field trip to the local zoo, children love to explore. Pick up fallen leaves, count pinecones, and point out different animals or flowers along the way. Take photos as you explore, and look at them later with your child to relive the memories.

Be Silly
Sometimes, the best cure for boredom is to turn on music and start dancing and singing. When the whole family gets involved, laughter is sure to follow. Tune into a radio station that plays music that is age-appropriate for your child or play their favorite CD. Your kids are sure to enjoy learning new songs and singing along.

Build a Fort
Pull the pillows off the couch. Rearrange the kitchen chairs. Put the mattress on the floor. Do whatever you want to create a fun, secret space to share with your child. Once inside, read books or eat popcorn and tell stories to pass the time.

There are a number of creative and unique activities that can help each member of your family enjoy this time together. Make the most of it and have fun!



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