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Encouraging Your Child to Read

A genuine love of reading has been shown to help children excel in almost every subject in school. It can, however, be hard to find the time to instill this interest in your child, as it is easy caught up in a variety of other obligations. With all of your daily responsibilities, it may seem impossible to find the time to sit down with your son or daughter and foster a love of reading.

But, there are few tips that can help.

Read Every Day
When you schedule time for something, it is easier to ensure that it gets done. Whether it is the first thing in the morning or the last thing at night, make it part of your family routine to read a book together. And as your child gets older, have them read to you.

Visit the Library
When it comes to scheduling fun field trips with your children, don’t forget to put the local public library on your list! Get a library card and browse the aisles with your children. As they get older and can pick out books for themselves, they are sure to enjoy the huge selection.

Encourage and Support
Avoid nagging when it comes to addressing your child’s reading habits. Learn which subjects interest them and offer them books with similar topics. Present a wide range of materials, including children’s magazines, online books, traditional storybooks, and novels. Remember that each child in your family is different and they will likely respond to your efforts in different ways.

In the end, you want your child to read regularly because they enjoy it and not because it’s something that they’re supposed to do. Keep this in mind and stay positive with your encouragement, suggestions, field trips, and recommendations. If you make reading fun for your child, they are more likely to stick with it.



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