100 Googly Eyes – Crafts for the 100th Day of School

In elementary grades, many schools celebrate the 100th day of school. It’s a great way for the children to conceptualize “100,” which is sometimes a little overwhelming for very young minds—100 might as well be 4 billion for a lot of younger kiddos.

Every year my kids carry home the papers from their teachers explaining the 100th day celebrations, and invariably, I have to help my son and daughter make some craft that includes 100 of something.

At least once we have made sets of 10 Cheerios separated by a single Fruit Loop all strung on a piece of twine or yarn to where as a necklace. Often this gets eaten before the end of the school day, and I ignore the thoughts of what/where those Cheerios touched before they were eaten. Yuck.

We have made posters with 100 stickers arranged creatively and paint stamps (with washable paint!) My problem with posters is we have to roll them up and tie them to make it to school on the school bus. I always think it’s going to be stomped and crushed and rolled around on the bus floor before it even gets to the classroom. But with time, I have realized that the poster might get a little dented and maybe a little dirty, but it will get there! It does not have to be perfect. What’s important is that the children enjoy the fun of creating whatever craft you decide on, and they have the fun and pride of carrying it on the bus and showing all of their bus friends what zany craft they put together. (There is always a little competition involved in the best or wackiest craft.)

Last year, we invested a little more money into our craft because I knew I could get at least 2 years out of it. My daughter helped put this together with glue and googly eyes. But I also had my younger son work on it too. He helped count the googly eyes in sets of ten. Now, after my daughter goes into the older grades where they absolutely do not celebrate the 100th day of school (cue daughter’s eyeroll), my son can use the monster hat too. He might decide that this is too baby for him this year, but maybe not. He’s on the edge of reason between openly enjoying life, and becoming a jaded 7-year-old who is entirely too cool for googly-eye-monster-hats.



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