An Expectant Mother?

The dictionary describes expectation as, “prospects, especially of success or gain.”

Parents, especially mothers, seem to have great expectations for their offspring. This post isn’t addressing mothers who’s expectations have been met. Rather, it’s directed at mothers who are or have been disappointed in the choices their children have made in life.

It’s a hard thing for a mother to accept how their child has grown up. Perhaps they’ve chosen an alternative versus conventional lifestyle, or they just haven’t made their mark in life. Maybe they’re still living at home or worse – have brought their own children into your home to mooch off everyone else’s salary but their own.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls.

But there is another option.

Rather than becoming pessimistic in regard to your expectations for your children, why not drop all of them, accept your children as they are and stop trying to control their lives. After all, life isn’t always about what we want as a parent. It’s about supporting and loving our children unconditionally even though we can see their choices aren’t the wisest or the best for them.

Often, the most valuable life lessons have come from poor choices. We should continue to care about and guide our children but it just may be more beneficial to them if we try to accept them as they are. Let them grow into the adults they are meant to be. You just may get more than you expected.



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