Family Motherhood

Appreciating Your Own Mom

Nothing makes you appreciate your own mother like being one. Moms sacrifice themselves on so many levels for their kids and it’s not until a woman actually experiences being “the mother” that she actually gets this. It’s also when the realization kicks in that mothers aren’t goddesses, angels, or saints. Still carrying around that laundry list of what Mommy didn’t do for you? It’s likely that after labor pains, sleepless nights, and the raising of a teenager, you have begun to realize that she was just a human, after all, like you.

Sometimes, the world places expectations on women who bear and raise children that may seem unachievable. I mean, this is an extremely difficult job done by mere humans. Motherhood can be the most rewarding life experience while being the most challenging. Sure, there are lots of guidebooks out there but working in the trenches is a lot different from reading pat advice from a stranger. Your mom felt the same way. She did her best to get you from her womb to where you are standing right now: wondering how to best raise the little human who has landed in your care.

Before undertaking the mountain climb of mothering, you may have faulted your mom for where she failed. Maybe she didn’t always cook the perfect meals for dinner. Maybe she forced you to do your homework or practice your piano. Maybe she could be a real crab sometimes. Now that your own kid refuses to eat her vegetables, turn in her homework on time, or practice her musical scales, you might feel a bit crabby yourself. And you might suddenly get a flash of insight about what you put your own mom through and view her with a new sense of appreciation.



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