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Combatting Unhealthy Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy is often associated with cravings. If you find yourself longing for ice cream or French fries, you may be wondering if these types of food are healthy for you or your baby. Many pregnant women also fear putting on too many pounds while “eating for two,” since it can be even harder to lose the weight once the baby is born.

While it can be easy to fill up on junk food, it’s really not the best decision that you can make for yourself or your baby. Making healthy choices throughout your pregnancy can not only benefit your baby, but also it can improve your overall health. It’s helpful to keep the following tips in mind.

1) Indulge, but eat smaller portions. Foods with a lot of sugar or fat are, of course, appealing, and while it might seem like they should be off-limits, it is actually okay to eat them in moderation. It’s even better if you can find low-fat versions of your favorite foods. There are also snack-size versions of most types of junk food that can allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without consuming a lot of extra calories.

2) Eat a balanced diet. Even if you are battling nausea during your first trimester, it is best to eat balanced meals and smaller portions. Eat regularly throughout the day to keep your blood sugar stable. Avoid crashes or dips in blood sugar that may tempt you to veer off your healthy eating plan.

3) Exercise regularly. Consult with your doctor about the recommended level of activity for your health and stage of pregnancy. Staying active can help you feel better overall and ward off unhealthy food cravings.

If you surround yourself with fresh food options, you are more likely to make healthy choices on a regular basis, and a little planning ahead can make it much easier on yourself. So, visit our Healthy Meal Ideas Pinterest board for wholesome recipes!



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