Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First

When you fly on a plane with your child, the flight attendant will tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first. This may go against that part of you that wants the best for your child at all costs, but taking good care of yourself first is the very best for your beloved child.

You’ve probably heard it said “if mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.” It’s so true. In order to have the stamina and energy to put your best mothering foot forward, you’re going to have to take proper care of yourself first. How can you nurture yourself so you’ll be the best mom you can be? There are probably thousands of ways, but here are three.

Look And Feel Your Best

Exercise, cut your hair, or get a facial and a massage. Eat nutritious food and get enough sleep. The better you feel in your own body, the happier you will be, and your kids will reap the benefits.

Weave A Network Of Emotional Support

By staying connected to your family members, having lunch dates with your girlfriends, and planning romantic dates with your spouse, you won’t forget that you are more than just a mommy. Plus, how can you miss your little ones when you’re never away from them? Don’t forget to include some solo time with yourself.

Maintain Your Spiritual Well-being

Meditate, do yoga, pray, read enlightening books, and feed yourself spiritually. Having a strong spiritual center to draw from is like having an ample bank account. Make plenty of deposits so you’ll have enough to withdraw on those days you just have no idea what you’re doing.

Love, pamper, and take good care of yourself. Put on your own oxygen mask. Then, and only then, will you have enough to dole out to your kids.

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One thought on “Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First

  1. So Cute! What a great way to be. Yourself. You do not always have to fit in. In this world soeimetms you need to stand out by being confident enough to do what is right. That is not always easy. This will help her stay on the right track later on.When everyone else is showing to much skin, getting tattoos and other things. She will be able to withstand the pressures of others. You are doing great as a mother. Keep up the good work.

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