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Tips on Staying In-Shape with Toddlers Around

If you still need to lose the baby weight, or simply want to tone up, it is possible to do so with small children around. Just because you are spending the majority of your time watching your kids does not mean you have to ignore your own health. Get some tips on working out with your kids around.

Take Daily Walks

If it is nice out, you can easily go on a walk any time of day. You do not need a jogging stroller to enjoy the great outdoors on a leisurely stroll. In fact, you can even walk at a brisk pace with most strollers. If your baby or toddler does not like riding in a stroller, you can strap a baby carrier to your chest or back instead. The added bonus is that you get an extra challenging workout when you are carrying the weight of your baby. If you have older kids, have them ride their bikes alongside you as you walk.


Most kids love to dance, and for good reason: It’s fun! You can just turn on your favorite music and do some silly dance moves with your children. You can also watch workout videos that center on dance moves. If your small children cannot keep up with you, pick them up and dance with them in your arms. It will give you a little extra challenge. You can find dance workout videos on cable or on DVD, and there are even video games that encourage you to dance in order to earn a top score.

If you find that it is too distracting to work out with your kids, start looking at gyms and workout classes that offer childcare. Either way, you should be able to fit in a few good workouts a week as you raise your children. This makes staying fit and healthy possible no matter how busy you are.



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