Finding The Truth Behind “Baby Brain” During Pregnancy And Early Motherhood

Have you ever felt a little loopy or seemed out of it while pregnant? Or found yourself forgetting things you normally wouldn’t? This isn’t uncommon, and many women have frequently reported that they struggle with their memory both during and shortly after pregnancy. But is this a pregnancy symptom? Studies have been inconclusive, showing that there may or may not be a correlation between the two.

A few research studies have shown that being pregnant can impair a woman’s memory because of hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and added stress on their body. Some other reports have shown that there is no relation, and that pregnancy doesn’t harm a mother’s ability to think or remember. So what is the truth?

Well, one theory is that pregnant women are more aware that they are having slips in memory, either by being reminded by others or by their own realization they forgot to do something. And, as a result, they are believing that this is related to their pregnancy because it is something that didn’t happen before. But since there is no real evidence that supports the relationship between pregnancy and the “baby brain,” it’s important for new mothers or mothers-to-be not to jump to the conclusion that their pregnancy has caused a decline in their cognitive abilities.

In reality, the real solution to dealing with this mystery is much simpler: Just give yourself a break!

Your body is going through a rather complex transition, and your emotions are constantly going in every which direction. It’s understandable that you might not be as quick to come up with answers to questions you once knew, or that you don’t have an elephant-like memory at the moment. So, don’t concern yourself too much with any issues you’re experiencing, and try focusing on the more enjoyable things associated with pregnancy and motherhood. You’ll find that these minor lapses in your thinking and memory aren’t too much to worry about when you’re spending quality time with your little one anyway.



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