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Reading Recommendations for Boys

Toddler boys can be tough to keep up with. Running, jumping, exploring, and just generally being loud seem to be high on their priority list during any given day. While many of us are interested in fostering a lifelong love of reading in our kids, some parents may wonder how to get their little guy to slow down long enough to get through just one book.

There are a number of things parents can do to get active toddler boys interested in reading. Spending time with your son and a good book is a great way to promote family time while sneaking in a few quiet minutes in the midst of a crazy day.

Choose a theme that your son is interested in. Is he obsessed with trains right now? Does he go bonkers every time you drive by the hospital helicopter landing pad? Does he chase frogs around your backyard or seem particularly impressed in spiders or other insects? If you focus on a topic that actually appeals to your son, you’ll find it easier to select books with photos and information that will capture his attention.

Reading vs. Pictures
Many toddlers don’t need you to read all of the words in a book in order to help them enjoy the story. At this age, it is often more than enough to simply describe what is happening in the picture on each page. Or you can ask him to describe what he sees to involve him in active storytime instead.

Along the same lines as active involvement in story time, a whole series of “hide and seek” books have been developed for young children. These can help keep your son engrossed in the story with active learning.

So, plan a field trip to the local library with your toddler and help them establish a love of reading now. Some of our favorite books for toddler boys include:

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” by Tom Lichtenheld
Freight Train” by Donald Crews
Cars and Trucks and Things That Go” by Richard Scarry



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