4 Best Pets for Kids

Best Pets for Kids - Dogs that are good with kidsWhen it’s time to introduce a new four-legged friend to your family, you may be wondering what would be the right choice for your kids. There is a wide range of pets available, but some are more child-friendly than others. Here is a list of our top 4 favorite pets for kids.

1. Dogs

Everybody loves the family dog. Breeds such as golden retrievers, labradors, and Irish setters are traditional family favorites due to their high energy and mild temperament. If your space requires a smaller breed, pugs, bull terriers, and beagles make great kid-friendly choices. If allergies are a problem, choose a breed such as the poodle that has minimal shedding, or you can even find breeds such as the labradoodle that are considered hypoallergenic!

2. Rodents

Small rodents like rats, gerbils, and hamsters make great pets for children. They are very low maintenance and require only a little space, making them a perfect choice for a child’s first pet. Rats, especially, have earned a bad rap from their wild relatives—domesticated rats are actually very affectionate and smart enough to learn their name and even a few simple tricks. However, while their size is convenient for housing, it does make these animals susceptible to being dropped and lost or injured by rough play, so smaller children should always be supervised when handling their pet.

3. Snakes

While they may not be traditionally cute or cuddly, many types of snakes make excellent pets for children. Breeds such as the corn snake are very docile, and only need to be fed once a week! These pets are gaining in popularity and can be found in most pet stores, or you can visit a local reptile show for a wide variety of species at lower costs. Look for breeds such as the corn snake, king snake, or ball python, as these stay relatively small, and are easily tamed with a little handling.

4. Fish

 Fish are a great staple for childhood pet. Every member of the family can enjoy a fish tank, and a simple goldfish can teach even a young child the responsibilities of caring for an animal. Small koi or beta fish can be purchased for only a few dollars at a local pet store and will live quite comfortably in a small tank for many years.

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Here are our Top Five Pins of the Week!

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3 Questions You Should Never Ask A New Mom

Lioness and Cub

Lioness not eating her cub....yet.

Being a new mom is one of the toughest jobs around. Sleepless nights, crashing hormones, and frayed nerves can quickly take their toll on even the hardiest of women. Unfortunately, when it comes to motherhood, everyone has their own opinion as to how it should be going, and they are never afraid to share it. Here is a list of the top three questions to avoid when talking to a new mom.

1. Are you breastfeeding?

Just the word “breastfeeding” can quickly become a source of stress or embarrassment to a new mother. We all know the adage, “Breast is Best,” but how a woman decides to feed her child is a personal choice, and one in which she sometimes has no control. Some women struggle with breastfeeding, so making remarks such as, “If you love your baby you will breastfeed her,” “Breastfed babies are smarter,” and “If you feed your baby formula, she will be fat later in life,” will only add to the anxiety. After all, it really is none of your business anyway.

2. When are you going back to work?

In the first few weeks of motherhood, a mom is only concerned about when her next meal/shower/nap will be. The last thing she wants to do is think ahead to a prospect of juggling even more stress into her already overwhelming life. So give these ladies a break, and let them enjoy a little time off. And be grateful you aren’t the one up at 3 a.m. changing diapers or soothing a screaming infant.

3. Are you enjoying being a mom?

Questions like this amaze me. One that often goes along with this is, “Are your mothering instincts coming in yet?” I’m not sure what the expected answer is: “No, it’s miserable, I wish I could just eat my infant like a lion and be done with it.” Of course, I enjoy it! Of course, it’s also miserable! No matter how much you love your child, no first-time mom can ever be prepared for the challenges or the emotional rollercoaster bringing your baby home will invoke. So a simple, “How are you?” will do just fine, especially if you are just a casual acquaintance. After all, you might not like what you hear if you ask a sleep-deprived, stressed-out mother an intimate question.

Preparing for Baby: 4 Items Your Nursery Needs

With all of the advice from your friends, family, and online message boards, it can be hard figure out exactly the best way to prepare for your new addition. Marketing campaigns tend to take advantage of the uncertainty that many new parents feel, but you might be surprised to know that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment.

Of course, we all know that basics like diapers, onesies, bottles, and wipes are necessary. But, what about beyond the basics? Which products make life easier and which are a waste of money?

A quality diaper pail

You really want to put them somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Enough said.

A humidifier

No matter what time of year, those little nasal passages can benefit from easier breathing. And it may be just the thing that helps you both get better sleep at night.

A nursing pillow

Whatever brand you choose, this is likely to be your very best friend for the next year. Invest in a quality product and buy a couple of covers to swap out when they need to be washed.

A sling or baby carrier

Once again, style and fit are based on your personal preference. It may be helpful to wear a few in the store to see whic

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Here are our Top Five Pins of the Week!

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Cosmetics and Pregnancy

Women who have undergone cosmetic treatments prior to getting pregnant often wonder if it is safe for them to continue to do so throughout their pregnancy. The ultimate question is whether or not these procedures and ingredients will affect the development of your baby and at what stage in your pregnancy are they safe.

While research is mostly incomplete on a wide range of pregnancy side effects, many healthcare professionals will recommend that you avoid the following while you are pregnant.

  • Restylane and other cosmetic dermal fillers or injectables
  • Pulsed light technology and thread vein reduction
  • Any skincare products that contain tretinoin or hydroquinone
  • Lip enhancement fillers

After your first trimester is complete, however, there are a number of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that you can enjoy during your pregnancy, including:

  • Chemical peels
  • Non-prescription skin care products (except those with ingredients referenced above)
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Hair coloring

Almost all of the organ development occurs during the first trimester. As such, many healthcare professionals will claim that most procedures and products are safe after that point.

If you are looking for a non-cosmetic way to treat yourself, consider scheduling a prenatal massage. Not only can it relax you, but also it can loosen up any muscle spasms that you have been experiencing and leave you feeling refreshed.

Ultimately, any decision to undergo cosmetic treatments during pregnancy should be discussed with your physician. Talk about all of the benefits and risks before going ahead with the procedure. If your doctor approves and you feel comfortable, go ahead and make that appointment.

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Here are our Top Five Pins of the Week!

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5) Chalkboards are so great we’ll probably never stop finding new and creative uses like this menu board/meal planner.

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Tips for Baby Bathtime

Bringing a new baby home can feel overwhelming at times. From keeping track of your little one’s feeding schedule to mastering the art of swaddling, there is a lot to remember, but the learning curve isn’t as steep as you might think. Bathtime, in particular, can be a breeze. Just follow these helpful tips.

It’s all in the temperature.

Babies aren’t able to regulate their own temperature very well early on. So, be sure that the bath you draw is warm and the room is comfortable. Soaping up and rinsing shouldn’t take too long. That’s why it is always a good idea to have a warm, fluffy towel waiting for you when bathtime is over.

Be gentle.

Babies aren’t doing much to get dirty. So, it doesn’t take much to get them clean. Use mild soap sparingly and wash the hands and diaper area well, taking care to avoid eyes and ears.

Rinse, dry, repeat.

After you are done washing, make sure that all of the suds have rinsed clear before wrapping your baby in a towel. Baby skin is very sensitive. So, it’s always best to avoid fragrances, lotions, and oils, unless your doctor recommends it.

Many doctors will advise parents to delay the first bath until after the umbilical cord has healed and fallen off. If you have any questions about when to start bathing your baby, discuss them with your pediatrician. Always stay with your baby throughout the bath and never go farther than an arm’s length away.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an enjoyable bathtime for you and your baby.

Relief for Pregnancy Symptoms

We all know that pregnancy can be exhausting. Once you add in morning sickness, shortness of breath, and body aches, it can be especially rough. But, there are a few things that you can do along the way to alleviate your symptoms or at least make them more tolerable.

Fight gas, heartburn, and bloating by regularly eating smaller meals. Enjoy small, balanced meals, and avoid eating large amounts of foods that could lead to gas.

Constipation is another pregnancy symptom. You can reduce this unwanted side effect by increasing your water and fiber intake. If that doesn’t work, you might need to talk to your doctor about taking laxatives to provide some relief.

If you find that you are experiencing regular nausea, try keeping crackers on hand. Keeping a little something on your stomach can help combat this symptom. You can also try eating ginger. Use it in your cooking or drink it in your tea to help settle your stomach.

If you can’t fit into your shoes because your feet are so swollen, consider drinking more water and getting more rest. Elevate your feet above your head every night for at least 30 minutes, and drink a lot of fluids throughout the day.

Many women simply suffer through these symptoms, but you don’t have to. If these at-home remedies don’t help, schedule an appointment with your medical professional. Ask your doctor about unwanted pregnancy side effects that you may be experiencing. This is not an exhaustive list, and it is important to consider all of your treatment options.

Top 5 Pins of the Week

Here are our Top Five Pins of the Week!

1) This temporary tattoo for kids (or a Tottoo) might become an all-time favorite pin. If you’ve ever lost sight of your child in public, you’ll know why.

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3) If you’re having a different type of party, these beautiful Raspberry Lemonade Jello Shots are perfect for kid-free nights.

4) This scribble art is the perfect after-school craft for your little ones and for you.

5) For a craft that’s just for you, this cute chevron bracelet made from bangles is perfect.

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