Exercising During Pregnancy

Mom Exercising During PregnancyMost healthy women greatly benefit from continuing their usual activities or starting new, low-impact exercises during pregnancy. It is important to review any physical activity regimen with your doctor, but in general, both you and your baby will be healthier if you remain active during this time. Many moms-to-be participate in swimming, walking, yoga, biking, or pilates for almost the full duration of their pregnancy.

1) In the first trimester, many women are exhausted and nauseated. Generally, these feelings don’t make anyone feel like setting foot on a treadmill or heading to yoga class, but keeping active can actually help reduce these common early pregnancy symptoms. Exercise can increase your energy levels and the natural endorphins may also reduce nausea.

2) In the second trimester, a lot of pregnant women feel incredible. Hormones are starting to level out and energy levels are going through the roof. During this period, your doctor may advise you not to overdo it on physical activity. Low-impact aerobic activity is typically safe and enjoyable at this point. It is best to avoid bouncing or jarring movement.

3) In the third trimester, pregnancy starts to get tough again. Backaches set in, joints may become very sore, and sleep may start to elude you. If you have exercised up to this point, improved tone in your back and legs can help with posture problems and pain. It is important to continue to avoid jarring exercises, as your joints could be easily injured.

Strong muscles and a healthy heart can help you prepare for childbirth. Often, women who are active during their pregnancy also enjoy the benefit of returning to their pre-pregnancy weight faster. Of course, you should always have a discussion with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine. He or she will be able to help you devise an exercise plan that helps you feel great, look your best, and promote the health of your unborn baby.

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