Should Kids Get A Flu Shot?

Flu Shots For Kids - Mommy Makeover NetworkIt’s that time of year again. No, not the holiday season. Flu season. Deciding whether or not to get a flu shot is a personal choice, and  many American’s elect not to get them for themselves. However, while you have the choice to bypass getting vaccinated, you shouldn’t necessarily let your children go without it.

Young children are at a higher risk for catching influenza, and every year, many get sick and end up having life-threatening complications that require immediate medical attention. In order to protect them from this dangerous illness, make an appointment for them to receive a shot or nasal spray. The type of vaccination they receive will primarily depend on their age.

If you’re the mother of a child between 2-7, you can save them from the pain of receiving a shot by electing to have them get vaccinated with a nasal spray. In fact, it is proven to be more effective than a shot for those in this age range. According to a Slate article published on October 3, 2013, kids between the ages of 2-7 who got the spray in 2012 were 83% less likely to get the flu than those who weren’t vaccinated. That efficacy rate dropped to only 48% for kids who got the shot.

Influenza virus image - Flu Shots for kids - Mommy Makeover Network

Well, that thing looks nasty.

Unfortunately, if your child is under two, the nasal spray option is not available, as it hasn’t been approved for children that young. But just because they can’t be vaccinated without a needle doesn’t mean you should avoid it. In fact, influenza complications are most common in kids younger than two, so it’s even more important that you schedule an appointment for them to receive the flu shot. Additionally, those younger than 6 months cannot be vaccinated in any way. The best way to help them avoid getting sick is to ensure everyone around them is vaccinated.

To help your little one overcome their fears of getting a shot, suggests telling them the truth about what to expect, applying anesthetic cream that numbs the skin 20 minutes before the appointment and even providing a reward as incentive for them making it through the process. In the case your child overreacts, let the physician take over.

Following the vaccination appointment, be sure to watch out for immediate side effects. While flu vaccines are intended to protect against contracting a season illness, they do pose risks. Some common symptoms included soreness in the area of the shot, headaches, and fever. In rare cases, complications like Guillain-Barre syndrome develop as well as severe allergic reactions. But the chances of these complications occurring are close to one-in-a-million.

In all, the benefits of getting your children vaccinated heavily outweigh the consequences, according to most experts. It is important that those children six months to five years old be vaccinated every flu season, which runs from October through January. Children with asthma, diabetes, and brain or nervous system disorders are especially at high risk to endure complications if they contract the flu, so getting them vaccinated early on each flu season should be a high priority.

Top Five Pins of the Week

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Fave Beauty Products to Help Moms ‘Make It Work’

If you have ever seen an episode of Bravo’s “Project Runway,” (oh, like you haven’t), you know the famous saying of fashion guru, Tim Gunn — Make it work!

Becoming a new mom is a lot like being one of those designers; suddenly out of your element, a different set of challenges each week, and only a limited amount of time to make an outcome worthy of Heidi Klum. Ok, maybe it’s just so you don’t feel embarrassed at the pharmacy or to keep from feeling judged by the lady in the pick-up window at McDonalds, but a level of hygiene, and yes, beauty, can be maintained by even the most harried mom. With these few simple products, you too can “make it work!”

Pretty sure this is how the great one feels about dry shampoo

1. Dry Shampoo

Before I had even left the hospital, my aunt surprised me a package full of newborn clothes and a bottle of dry shampoo. “You are going to need this,” she said, wisely. Without a doubt, dry shampoo is a new mom’s best friend. Especially if you have particularly oily hair like me, skipping a day of washing is simply not an option. However, brush through a little dry shampoo, and you are ready to face a day of shopping, doctor’s appointments, or even that little visit from your mother-in-law, just to “check up on things.”

Favorite brands:

A) Despite the bottle looking like a bit of an Ed Hardy nightmare, Got2b Rockin’ It 4Ever Stylestay Dry Shampoo is a great product.

B) Rock On by Beyond the Zone (note: I have only been able to find this product at Sally’s Beauty Supply)


2. BB Cream

Mommy Makeover

In my opinion, BB creams are some of the best skincare products out there for moms on the go. They block the sun, moisturize your skin, and most of all, hide blemishes and provide a luminous finish. What’s not to love? Although admittedly not as effective as a full face of makeup, applying

a few dabs of cream takes about 2 minutes, and leaves my skin looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Favorite brands:

A.) Dream Fresh BB by Maybelline

B.) Clear Complexion BB by Aveeno

3. Mascara

If there’s only time to choose one makeup product, I choose a few swipes of mascara every time. Especially for women who have more closely set eyes like me, lack of sleep and stress can cause our eyes to look even smaller and more squinted than they actually are. Thankfully, applying a lengthening mascara quickly counteracts this effect, widening your eyes and allowing them to shine more brightly.
Mommy makeover

Favorite brands:

A) High Impact Mascara by Clinque

B) Lashblash Length Mascara by Covergirl

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Here are our Top Five Pins of the Week!

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4 Best Pets for Kids

Best Pets for Kids - Dogs that are good with kidsWhen it’s time to introduce a new four-legged friend to your family, you may be wondering what would be the right choice for your kids. There is a wide range of pets available, but some are more child-friendly than others. Here is a list of our top 4 favorite pets for kids.

1. Dogs

Everybody loves the family dog. Breeds such as golden retrievers, labradors, and Irish setters are traditional family favorites due to their high energy and mild temperament. If your space requires a smaller breed, pugs, bull terriers, and beagles make great kid-friendly choices. If allergies are a problem, choose a breed such as the poodle that has minimal shedding, or you can even find breeds such as the labradoodle that are considered hypoallergenic!

2. Rodents

Small rodents like rats, gerbils, and hamsters make great pets for children. They are very low maintenance and require only a little space, making them a perfect choice for a child’s first pet. Rats, especially, have earned a bad rap from their wild relatives—domesticated rats are actually very affectionate and smart enough to learn their name and even a few simple tricks. However, while their size is convenient for housing, it does make these animals susceptible to being dropped and lost or injured by rough play, so smaller children should always be supervised when handling their pet.

3. Snakes

While they may not be traditionally cute or cuddly, many types of snakes make excellent pets for children. Breeds such as the corn snake are very docile, and only need to be fed once a week! These pets are gaining in popularity and can be found in most pet stores, or you can visit a local reptile show for a wide variety of species at lower costs. Look for breeds such as the corn snake, king snake, or ball python, as these stay relatively small, and are easily tamed with a little handling.

4. Fish

 Fish are a great staple for childhood pet. Every member of the family can enjoy a fish tank, and a simple goldfish can teach even a young child the responsibilities of caring for an animal. Small koi or beta fish can be purchased for only a few dollars at a local pet store and will live quite comfortably in a small tank for many years.

3 Questions You Should Never Ask A New Mom

Lioness and Cub

Lioness not eating her cub....yet.

Being a new mom is one of the toughest jobs around. Sleepless nights, crashing hormones, and frayed nerves can quickly take their toll on even the hardiest of women. Unfortunately, when it comes to motherhood, everyone has their own opinion as to how it should be going, and they are never afraid to share it. Here is a list of the top three questions to avoid when talking to a new mom.

1. Are you breastfeeding?

Just the word “breastfeeding” can quickly become a source of stress or embarrassment to a new mother. We all know the adage, “Breast is Best,” but how a woman decides to feed her child is a personal choice, and one in which she sometimes has no control. Some women struggle with breastfeeding, so making remarks such as, “If you love your baby you will breastfeed her,” “Breastfed babies are smarter,” and “If you feed your baby formula, she will be fat later in life,” will only add to the anxiety. After all, it really is none of your business anyway.

2. When are you going back to work?

In the first few weeks of motherhood, a mom is only concerned about when her next meal/shower/nap will be. The last thing she wants to do is think ahead to a prospect of juggling even more stress into her already overwhelming life. So give these ladies a break, and let them enjoy a little time off. And be grateful you aren’t the one up at 3 a.m. changing diapers or soothing a screaming infant.

3. Are you enjoying being a mom?

Questions like this amaze me. One that often goes along with this is, “Are your mothering instincts coming in yet?” I’m not sure what the expected answer is: “No, it’s miserable, I wish I could just eat my infant like a lion and be done with it.” Of course, I enjoy it! Of course, it’s also miserable! No matter how much you love your child, no first-time mom can ever be prepared for the challenges or the emotional rollercoaster bringing your baby home will invoke. So a simple, “How are you?” will do just fine, especially if you are just a casual acquaintance. After all, you might not like what you hear if you ask a sleep-deprived, stressed-out mother an intimate question.

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