These Statistics About Effects of Divorce on Kids Are Pretty Scary

Effects of Divorce on Kids - Mommy Makeover Network

The word divorce has gone from taboo to mainstream, all in our lifetime. Experts debate the exact divorce rate in the U.S., but they agree that the number of marriages ending in divorce today falls in the range of 35 percent to potentially higher than 50 percent. The effect on the adults involved is immense, but the toll it takes on their children is the real heartbreaker.

Findings of a recent study completed in the U.K. show that the difference in parents’ opinions versus those of their children is remarkable, and parents underestimated the effect of their divorce on their kids across the board. You may not believe what some of the numbers revealed.

First, over 75 percent of parents who were polled stated that their kids had “coped well” with the divorce. Meanwhile, just 18 percent of the kids echoed that sentiment. Sadly, 20 percent of these children, ages 8-18 felt they couldn’t talk to their parents about their feelings because their moms and dads were “too wrapped up in themselves.” In a trend that sounds like role reversal, almost 40 percent said that they hid their true feelings from their parents because they didn’t want to upset them.

The emotional implications of divorce on the kids who are involved has long been documented both in the U.S. and around the world. Perhaps what’s most alarming is the extremes to which the surveyed children have gone in response to their parents’ divorces. About 5 percent of the children had turned to alcohol, while one in nine of the children intentionally wounded themselves. Six percent had considered suicide, and two percent had even attempted it.

So what can we take away from the information uncovered in this study? Divorce is an inevitable part of many lives, and the outcome of two parents separating is often better than if they had stayed together in an unhappy marriage and home. However, the adults going through this difficult process need to stop thinking about themselves so much. If it’s hard on you, imagine how it feels to your kids. Quit posting updates on Facebook, enough with the selfies, and no more planning a “newly single celebration” with your friends (yes, apparently that’s a growing trend). Whether you and your partner are in a happy marriage or one that’s on the brink of divorce, your kids need to know that you love them and that they can trust and share their feelings with you.

Recipe Roundup: Our 5 Fave Quickie Breakfasts

Quick Breakfast - Mommymakeovernetwork.comIf you’re like most moms, making sure you and your kids eat a nutritious breakfast may be a difficult thing to manage in the chaos of an early morning. In a world of processed packaging and fast food, Pop-Tarts and McMuffins might begin to seem like effective time-savers for hungry kids on-the-go. Unfortunately, sugary treats and fatty meals will wear off quickly, leaving your child hungry and full of empty calories long before lunch. While producing a gourmet meal on a daily basis is an impossible dream for most, some of these super fast and easy breakfasts will keep you and your kids healthy and feeling satisfied. Try our top 5 favorites for busy moms:


1. Citrus Berry Smoothie

Rich with vitamins and antioxidants, this great-tasting smoothie will boost your energy throughout the day. Best of all—it’s ready in five minutes or less.

2. Power Breakfast Sandwich

Kick that egg McMuffin to the curb with this healthier alternative. Ready in just 10 minutes, this low-cal breakfast is packed with protein and easy on your waistline.

3. Yogurt and Pistachio Toast

While toast is a quickie breakfast staple, typical bread and butter can become boring. Mix things up with this unusual combo, filled will healthy fats and fiber to curb hunger and keep your kids feeling satisfied all day.

4. English Muffin Pizza

Pizza for breakfast takes on a healthy and fun twist with these English muffin treats. Prep time is 15 minutes or less.

5. Chocolate Croissants

While they might not be particularly low in calories, give your kids a treat with these great tasting chocolate croissants. Hands-on prep time takes only about five minutes, before popping them in the oven until golden brown. Overall prep time is about 20 minutes. The best part about croissants is they are delicious hot or cold, so make a larger batch for a tasty lunch-time or after school dessert.

Should Kids Get A Flu Shot?

Flu Shots For Kids - Mommy Makeover NetworkIt’s that time of year again. No, not the holiday season. Flu season. Deciding whether or not to get a flu shot is a personal choice, and  many American’s elect not to get them for themselves. However, while you have the choice to bypass getting vaccinated, you shouldn’t necessarily let your children go without it.

Young children are at a higher risk for catching influenza, and every year, many get sick and end up having life-threatening complications that require immediate medical attention. In order to protect them from this dangerous illness, make an appointment for them to receive a shot or nasal spray. The type of vaccination they receive will primarily depend on their age.

If you’re the mother of a child between 2-7, you can save them from the pain of receiving a shot by electing to have them get vaccinated with a nasal spray. In fact, it is proven to be more effective than a shot for those in this age range. According to a Slate article published on October 3, 2013, kids between the ages of 2-7 who got the spray in 2012 were 83% less likely to get the flu than those who weren’t vaccinated. That efficacy rate dropped to only 48% for kids who got the shot.

Influenza virus image - Flu Shots for kids - Mommy Makeover Network

Well, that thing looks nasty.

Unfortunately, if your child is under two, the nasal spray option is not available, as it hasn’t been approved for children that young. But just because they can’t be vaccinated without a needle doesn’t mean you should avoid it. In fact, influenza complications are most common in kids younger than two, so it’s even more important that you schedule an appointment for them to receive the flu shot. Additionally, those younger than 6 months cannot be vaccinated in any way. The best way to help them avoid getting sick is to ensure everyone around them is vaccinated.

To help your little one overcome their fears of getting a shot, suggests telling them the truth about what to expect, applying anesthetic cream that numbs the skin 20 minutes before the appointment and even providing a reward as incentive for them making it through the process. In the case your child overreacts, let the physician take over.

Following the vaccination appointment, be sure to watch out for immediate side effects. While flu vaccines are intended to protect against contracting a season illness, they do pose risks. Some common symptoms included soreness in the area of the shot, headaches, and fever. In rare cases, complications like Guillain-Barre syndrome develop as well as severe allergic reactions. But the chances of these complications occurring are close to one-in-a-million.

In all, the benefits of getting your children vaccinated heavily outweigh the consequences, according to most experts. It is important that those children six months to five years old be vaccinated every flu season, which runs from October through January. Children with asthma, diabetes, and brain or nervous system disorders are especially at high risk to endure complications if they contract the flu, so getting them vaccinated early on each flu season should be a high priority.

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Finding The Truth Behind “Baby Brain” During Pregnancy And Early Motherhood

Pregnancy Baby Brain - Mommy Makeover NetworkHave you ever felt a little loopy or seemed out of it while pregnant? Or found yourself forgetting things you normally wouldn’t? This isn’t uncommon, and many women have frequently reported that they struggle with their memory both during and shortly after pregnancy. But is this a pregnancy symptom? Studies have been inconclusive, showing that their may or may not be a correlation between the two.

A few research studies have shown that being pregnant can impair a woman’s memory because of the hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and added stress on their body. Some other reports have shown that there is no relation, and that pregnancy doesn’t harm a mother’s ability to think or remember. So what is the truth?

Well, one theory is that pregnant women are more aware that they are having slips in memory, either by being reminded by others or their own realization they forgot to do something. And, as a result, they are believing that this is related to their pregnancy because it is something that didn’t happen before. But since there is no real evidence that supports the relation between pregnancy and “baby brain,” it’s important for new mothers or mothers-to-be not to jump to the conclusion that their pregnancy has caused a decline in their cognitive abilities.

In reality, the real solution to dealing this mystery is much simpler: Just give yourself a break!

Your body is going through a rather complex transition, and your emotions are constantly going in every which direction. It’s understandable that you might not be as quick to come up with answers to questions you once knew, or that you don’t have an elephant-like memory at the moment. So, don’t concern yourself too much with any issues you’re experiencing, and try focusing on the more enjoyable things associated with pregnancy and motherhood. You’ll find that these minor lapses in your thinking and memory aren’t too much to worry about when you’re spending quality time with your little one anyway.

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100 Googly Eyes – Crafts for the 100th Day of School

100 day of school crafts for kids - Mommy Makeover NetworkIn elementary grades, many schools celebrate the 100th day of school. It’s a great way for the children to conceptualize “100,” which is sometimes a little overwhelming for very young minds—100 might as well be 4 billion for a lot of younger kiddos.

Every year my kids carry home the papers from their teachers explaining the 100th day celebrations, and invariably, I have to help my son and daughter make some craft that includes 100 of something.

At least once we have made sets of 10 Cheerios separated by a single Fruit Loop all strung on a piece of twine or yarn to where as a necklace. Often this gets eaten before the end of the school day, and I ignore the thoughts of what/where those Cheerios touched before they were eaten. Yuck.

We have made posters with 100 stickers arranged creatively and paint stamps (with washable paint!) My problem with posters is we have to roll them up and tie them to make it to school on the school bus. I always think it’s going to be stomped and crushed and rolled around on the bus floor before it even gets to the classroom. But with time, I have realized that the poster might get a little dented and maybe a little dirty, but it will get there! It does not have to be perfect. What’s important is that the children enjoy the fun of creating whatever craft you decide on, and they have the fun and pride of carrying it on the bus and showing all of their bus friends what zany craft they put together. (There is always a little competition involved in the best or wackiest craft.)

Last year, we invested a little more money into our craft because I knew I could get at least 2 years out of it. My daughter helped put this together with glue and googly eyes. But I also had my younger son work on it too. He helped count the googly eyes in sets of ten. Now, after my daughter goes into the older grades where they absolutely do not celebrate the 100th day of school (cue daughter’s eyeroll), my son can use the monster hat too. He might decide that this is too baby for him this year, but maybe not. He’s on the edge of reason between openly enjoying life, and becoming a jaded 7-year-old who is entirely too cool for googly-eye-monster-hats.

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Here are our Top Five Pins of the Week!

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Here are our Top Five Pins of the Week!

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