This is Harder Than I Thought: How Motherhood Turned Me into Hunter S. Thompson

Perusing my Netflix options the other night, I came across a cult classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I’ve always loved this movie, and all of Hunter S. Thompson’s works for that matter. In fact, it was stories like his that peaked my interest in the “glamorous” journalist’s lifestyle in the first place. As […]

This is Harder Than I Thought: Going Back to Work aka Can a Mommy Get a Break?

Going back to work is one of the most challenging decisions a mom can make, both financially and emotionally. During the first few weeks alone with my newborn, I longed for the days when I went to work every morning, showered and dressed, and sat at a calm desk surrounded by fellow adults. “Hello, Dave,” […]

This is Harder Than I Thought: Lactation or the Art of Milking One’s Self in Public

  Ladies, love them or hate them, we all have boobs. For most of your life, these constant companions are merely aesthetic. We strap them down for workouts, we push them up for dates, but mostly we treat them like any other normal body part. Until the baby comes. While pregnancy boobs are delightful—your C […]

Combatting Unhealthy Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy is often associated with cravings. If you find yourself longing for ice cream or French fries, you may be wondering if these types of food are healthy for you or your baby. Many pregnant women also fear putting on too many pounds while “eating for two,” since it can be even harder to lose […]

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